Made to measure

This timepiece has all the practical functions you need daily: the automatic movement, the three hands, the date indication and the all-stainless-steel case and bracelet resisting any situations while remaining always elegant and most importantly, comfortable. We wanted this quite stiff ensemble providing a made to measure feeling. That is why the bracelets links are all rounded and polished inside, as is the case. You will never grow tired of wearing it.

Sapphire crystal

A mechanical watch is accompanying us in many life situations. One of its most exposed and important part is its crystal. To ensure it to remain pristine forever, we use only sapphire crystal. The exact same molecule than sapphire or ruby is “grown” in a slow and complicated chemical process. Once the raw material created, it must be cut and polished. The only material that is harder and therefore usable for this application is diamond.

TC on the bench

A world of details

Mechanical automatic

In the Time Companion, we are using the ETA 2824 automatic mechanical movement. This small wonder of mechanics, created in 1972 and constantly improved, beats 28.800 times in an hour (6 time faster than our heart), uses 25 sapphires to ensure the frictionless rotation of its axes, and can reach an accuracy of plus/minus 2 seconds a day. Think that the weight of its hair spring is a mere 0,002 grams and its thickness the third of one humans hair…


This luminous substance making watches readable by night was developed in the seventies to replace the rather unhealthy tritium used before. We only buy the best quality available, and because it is all about readability, we go a step further and use two distinct types on the hands and dial. Under the daylight, they both appear white, but into darkness, the indexes of the dial are glowing blue while the hands are glowing green for instant legibility.




water resistant up to 50 meters / 5 ATM.