Organic design

As Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen submitted the Organic Chair as a joint entry to the “Organic Design in Home Furnishings” competition held by the Museum of Modern Art in New York -back in 1940- they not only won, but also made the term “organic design” famous. What it stands for is a way of thinking and conceiving forms in a natural approach, almost “growing” them. Our Organic Time watch is a tribute to this universe.

Micro landscape

A dial is a microcosm by itself, the center of the watch and its “face”. The first thing our eyes are catching while discovering a timepiece. We create a micro landscape in which your eyes can wander indefinitely while ever finding new perspectives and point of views. A space filled with many layers and details, all functional but also emotional and beautifully crafted. The opened movement adds more depth and let you observe the magic of this mechanical jewel.


If there is one accessory that is able to change completely the personality of a watch, this definitely is the strap. Every watch aficionado knows it and loves to play with colors and materials in order to give his beloved timepieces many different styles and adapt them to his mood, the season or the occasion. The possibility to change easily is a key element and our system is simply unbeatable.

Born to be bold

As the first chapter in our horological journey, the Organic Time was definitely thought to be a bold statement. It has given us a recognition we couldn’t dream of and remains the base of our identity and future. But for now, we have to write so many new and exciting chapters! You will still find some of them at our official’s retailers. Please be aware that there is a tremendous number of copies out there and don’t buy from an unknown source.