We are independent

Our goal is to conceive freely unique products for unique individuals, to help you show your personality around your wrist. We don’t hesitate to make bold statement and you don’t need the reassurance of owning a standard reference. Independence is the most beautiful path and allows us to think and conceive exactly the design we have in mind. This is priceless.

We have a strong identity

We don’t refer to commonplaces -no aviator or exploratory instruments here-, we create our own territory. Our rounded hexagonal shape expresses balance -balance in life, balance between curves and straight, hard and smooth-, our hands have unique shapes, our dials are micro architectures, highly three-dimensional and beautifully detailed. Because we believe in good design, because good design is sufficient to itself.

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We love proximity

We are a small team, and we are more than happy to know and help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us, to ask us any question. We will inform you, help you to choose your watch or to maintain, repair, personalize and cherish it. Mechanical watches are one of the more durable and sustainable objects of our culture. They ARE culture, like fine wine or art and an endless source of discussion.

We love to share

We all buy watches out of passion because they are great mechanical items telling the time in such a poetical and meaningful way. We wear watches to be part of a community and share values with our friends and the people we encounter. We at DIETRICH love watches because of this. Because we love to share our passion with you.